Alakhnath Temple Bareilly

Alakhnath Temple Bareilly

Alakh Nath Temple Bareilly is the central command of the Anand Akhara request of Naga sannyasins. Individuals from this request for Shiva aficionados are otherwise called Naga Babas. The sanctuary is arranged on Nainital Road close to Qila Bareilly. Baba Kalu Giri is the present Mahant of the Temple.

Who made Alakhnath Temple?

The Alakhnath Temple has a past filled with more than 930 years. As per a nearby legend, The Qila area was home to thick timberlands in old occasions. Holy person Alakhiya used to repentance under a Banyan Tree. It was after him that the sanctuary was named Alakhnath Temple. During late seventeenth century under Mughal rule, a few sanctuaries were destroyed in the locale, and many holy people took asylum in the sanctuary complex. It is accepted that the Mughals couldn’t enter the complex.


The sanctuary complex past the internal door comprises of a few structures with a sort of yard in the middle. Huge and little sanctuaries are there, some inside structures and some outside. Enthusiasts go starting with one hallowed place then onto the next to make contributions and petitions. Creatures of different sorts are around the spot. Cows and goats are fastened and behind one of the structures is a camel. A 51 Feet Statue of Lord Hanuman is introduced right external the Temple Premises.

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Where is Jagannath temple in Bareilly?

Why is Bareilly called Nath Nagri?


Aficionados of Shiva are spread more than a few religions, orders, factions or akharas. Individuals from the akharas are by and large known as babas. These akharas are for the most part found in Northern India. There are four such akharas in Bareilly. One of these is called Naga Sanyasis of the Anand request. This akhara fills in as the base camp of the Naga sadhus. They have constructed a sanctuary given to God Shiva, likewise called Alakhnath, in its premises. The name of the sanctuary is Alakhnath Temple. Other than the principle sanctuary, there are a few different sanctuaries too in the premises. These are committed to different divine beings, goddesses and gods. There are a few structures around the sanctuary where the sanyasis or the babas reside. Alakhnath sanctuary draws in enormous quantities of fans consistently. In the event that you visit the sanctuary you might discover goats and cows held up in a piece of the compound. There is likewise a camel. The sadhus or the babas acknowledge contributions from the enthusiasts and smear sacred debris on their brow as a characteristic of gifts.